Top 5: Most used apps on smartphones

Smartphones these days are capable of doing things we could only imagine 10 years ago. The pocket friendly computers offer more than just telephony and SMS through a wide range of apps available on them. However, with millions of apps available on smartphones (we’re talking about iOS, Android and any other OS included) one can help but wonder which are the ones that are used the most by consumers. Thanks to a recent study, we have information on that now. So here are the top 5 apps on smartphones in terms of active usage.

#5: WeChat

Top 5: Most used apps on smartphones

Everybody likes to stay in touch with their closed ones and instant messengers only help shorten the distances. While there are several IMs available across platforms, WeChat happens to be ahead of them all thanks to its huge audience base in China (the place of its birth). The app is available on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian platform, which is why it so popular. Infact, 27 percent of all smartphone users use the app actively.

#4: Google Plus Mobile App

Top 5: Most used apps on smartphones

While Google Plus has failed to gain the popularity its closest rival Facebook has achieved, it doesn’t mean that the service isn’t popular at all. Its smartphone app is in use by 30 percent of all smartphone population. So if you think that this social networking service is dead, you need to reconsider.


#3: YouTube

Top 5: Most used apps on smartphones

Why, all of us love watching cute kittens and small kids, don’t we? The third spot is taken by YouTube, the popular video sharing website that has got tons of content to keep us occupied for a lifetime. Infact watching videos on YouTube is a favorite past time for 35 percent of smartphone users.


#2: Facebook

Top 5: Most used apps on smartphones

If you don’t have a Facebook account this days, you are considered strange by a good number of those around you. Checking what are friends are up to and occasional ogling of our ex’ profile is still popular among us Earthians. The world’s biggest social networking giant’s app is used by 44 percent of us smartphone owners.


#1: Google Maps

Top 5: Most used apps on smartphones

Because people like to know where they are and nobody particularly enjoys getting lost. Google Maps takes the first spot in the list of most used apps on smartphones. The app that does several things, including telling your current location, finding shortest routes to nearest restaurant or searching for a place no one you know has heard of, is in use by 54 percent of all smartphone users.



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